Rural Climate Forum 2023

The context

EU Climate Pact Ambassadors

The Forum will be the 3rd meeting of the Spanish Climate Tour led by the EU Climate Pact Ambassadors Network, whose goal is to facilitate the dialogue between European institutions and citizens, in order to catalyze the local implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the EU Climate Pact.

The first meeting took place in Madrid on December 3 2021, and marked the launch of the network in Spain.

The 2nd in Valencia on February 24-26 2022, and was focused on the Debate on the Future of Europe.

And this 3rd meeting will take place in Aranda de Duero, capital of the famous Ribera del Duero wine region, in the south of the Burgos province, and will deal with the nexus between rural repopulation and climate action.


The Forum seeks to jointly promote repopulation and climate action in the rural world in Spain and in the Ribera del Duero region in particular; by facilitating a dialogue between key socio-economic agents and institutions at all levels, from the local municipality to Europe.

Thus, the ultimate objective is to promote an ecological and just transition of the economy, in order to build climate resilience and create  green and inclusive employment in the rural world, all based on science and the needs of the local population, in particular the most vulnerable groups.


The Forum is jointly organized by SBNCLIMA, CIFP San Gabriel and the City Council of Aranda de Duero.


The following partners have made the Forum possible:


The Forum will take place on the following dates and venue, with the facilitation and collaboration of:


30 June – 1 July 2022


Centro Tomás Pascual, Aranda de Duero (Burgos), Spain


Jesus Iglesias, EU Climate Pact Ambssador at SBNCLIMA

Collaborators: other ambassadors

Carmen Marqués, Cesar García, Maria Isabel Silva, Antonio Aguilera


Contents, entities, speakers and schedules of each session:

Day 1 (Thursday, June 30) – Ribera’s key stakeholders

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(18:30 – 20:00) Social challenges, solutions and strategies for climate action in the rural world – social and economic agents of the Ribera del Duero
– Introduction to the climate crisis in the rural world
– Derived social challenges in the rural world
– Solutions and strategies

(20:00 – 21:00) Visit to a Ribera del Duero winery and tasting

Day 2 (Friday, July 1) – Dialogue with institutions

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(9:30 – 9:40) Welcome
(9:40 – 10:15) Conclusions of the social challenges, solutions and strategies
(10:15 – 10:50) The climate crisis and the rural world
(10:50 – 11:05) Coffee break
(11:10 – 12:00) Panel “Policies and strategies in Europe, Spain and the Mediterranean”
(12:00 – 12:50) Panel “Local action: municipalities and regions for the climate”
(12:50 – 13:15) Conclusions

Conclusions from the 2022 edition

Undoubtedly, this 1st edition of the Rural Climate Forum – Ribera del Duero has been an excellent start to a broader process of analysis, debate and decision-making among all the key actors of the Ribera in order to promote a just transition of the riverside economy, which generates resilience in the face of the climate and ecological crisis, as well as equity, leaving no one behind and including all voices. Below are detailed conclusions as well as ideas for next steps…

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